Community E1 & Conditionals

Essential everyday vocabulary 2


Miqui 16th April

Essential everyday vocabulary 5

Inexact translations

Aina 16th April

Literary/Colloquial 6

Tricky conjugations

Inexact translations 2

Civil, social and political

How questions

Literary/colloquial 3

Possessive adjectives and more

Abril 24 March

Community E1 P3

Abril 15th April


Literary/Colloquial 2


Nai 16th April

Mabel April 16th 2

General important points

2nd Week May Miqui

Mabel 27th April

Essential everyday vocabulary

Literary/Colloquial 4

Txell 17th March

Literary/Colloquial 5


Aina March 18th Number 2

Miqui 27 March

Abril 17th


March 31

Essential everyday vocabulary 4

Essential everyday vocabulary 3


Miqui 2


March 18th Aina

Literary/Colloquial 7

To be

Anna, Marta, Corinne

Community E1 P1

Community E1 P2

To be, negative


14 April

Txell 15th April

Mabel 17th April

Corinne Career

Abril 30th May

Mabel 15th May

Txell 12th May

Miqui 3rd Week May

Marta career

26th May

May 18th

Mabel May 17th

Miqui 4th May

Naiara May 20th

Christel Raquel 14th May

Mabel 16th May

Christel/Raquel 8th May

Raquel 3rd June

Aina 6th June

June 5th

June 2 Miqui

Mabel 12th June 2

Mabel 27th April

Naiara 21rst May

Aina 30th April

Miqui 7th May

Aina 27th April

Miqui 27th April

Abril 1rst June

Miqui 6th May



Miqui 28th April

Aina 7th June

May 19th

Txell 13th May

Raquel Christel

Miqui 29th April

May 27th

May 14th Raquel/Christel


June 7th Miqui

Miqui 3 June

Miqui 8th May

Naiara 22nd May

Abril last week April

Raquel Christel

Aina 12th May

Txell 2 June

Mabel 12 June

28th May

Miqui June 10th

Aina 14th May

Aina 7th June


Mabel 28th May

Naiara 5th June


Abril 1rst week May

Txell 3rd June

Abril 4th Week May

Abril 2nd Week May


Txell 1rst Week May

Christel Raquel

Aina 15th May

June 1rst

Mabel 30th May

Abril 3rd week May

26th May

Naiara 6th June

Naiara last week April

27th May

Anna/Corinne/Marta 2nd June


Txell 4th June

Naiara 6th June

First week May

Negative questions

June C/A/M

Negotiating Salary Vocabulary

May 29th

Aina 5th June

Txell 5th May